The Association for the

                         Advancement of Actual Democracy

                                                 Each person votes for Each Law, for Executives, for Judges

What the People Want

We the people are going to the streets to beg our representatives to represent us. We want justice from the Courts; equal opportunity in the work place, in schooling; we want fair taxes and fair return on our taxes from the Legislature; and we want the laws fairly and equally applied to all of us by the Executive.


Today, too many of us are imprisoned just to employ guards, mid level administrators, and placate the frightened; the prison industry exists so the representatives have patronage jobs to give to their supporters. Certainly not to rehabilitate, re-educate, recoup the talent and save the life of offenders.  Too many people routinely loose their incomes and their savings. Corporations and their executives violate sanctions against terrorist countries, launder money for drug cartels, avoid paying fair taxes, and do so with impunity. Only five out of nine Justices of the Supreme court seem to know what the law is; the other four learn what the law is when the other five tell them. Banks pay 2% interest on deposits and charge 30% interest on credit cards. 


The Executive branch invades countries, tortures people, spies on the citizens, selectively prosecutes the citizens, selectively assists the poor or totally ignores them. It permits unarmed citizens to be shot down in the street by the police, with impunity. It permits guns everywhere so the angry and ill can routinely slaughter the people in the streets or at work, and the children in their schools. A large percentage of health care costs go to insurance companies. Health care has become the largest businesses in the United States when it once was a place for scientific and humane caring of the sick. Doctors and patients are Managed. Why? So those who don't know medicine, don't care for the sick, can earn money off the knowledge, work and understanding of the Doctors and nurses. Educators are doing the same thing: there are as many assistant principles, principles, counselors, security officers, janitors and maintenance personnel, office secretaries, as there are teachers; maybe even than students. And we come in 24th in educational effectiveness while spending more money per student than any other nation. It's a bad return on our investment. 


The Courts are not just. The Legislature is unresponsive to the will and needs of the people. The Executive ignores justice, equality, and human rights. 


The rich and powerful influence all decisions in the United States and the people pay them, unwillingly, to do so.  


We all know this. It's why there were over a thousand groups and organizations pulled together, and pooled together, and marched in the People's Climate March hoping and begging the representatives to fix the climate.


We know the problems. We are seeking the answer.  And I know it is right in front of us. Look at the signs carried in the People's Climate March. They demand, seek, beg for representation, justice, and simple common sense, to be applied to a problem. We have been doing so for 30 years. It is futile.


Every revolution where good people have overthrown bad people has, in time, seen the 'good people' become 'bad people' and another revolution takes place; to get another set of good representatives who go bad in a rather short time.  It must stop. We must stop it. We must take control of our lives, our government, and our future. And it is simple and could be easy, but it won't be. We must replace this representative Republic with an Actual Democracy. The people must become the Legislature and vote directly on the laws, vote directly for the President and Vice president, and vote for the Judges.

A Constitutional Amendment along these lines is needed:


 The right of citizens Of the United States to directly vote for the laws under which they live, to directly vote for the President and Vice President, and to directly vote for the Judiciary, shall not be abridged by the United States or by any State.

Think of the consequences. The people vote, after open debate, raucous argument, discussion, study, analysis, and with full responsibility for their vote, which will count as much as the vote of every billionaire, every Nobel Prize winner, every drunk, every parent, every religious and irreligious, every moral and immoral citizen of this nation. The Government spends 4 trillion dollars every year. 538 representatives decide how to spend that much money. And they even fail to make and publish the budget. We will decide how much to spend and on what it will be spent. We the people, all 200,000,000 citizen voters ( if two heads are better than one 200 million are better than 538), will decide what the criminal code will evolve into. We will honor the Constitution's bill of rights. We will ensure justice, domestic tranquility, the common defense, the general welfare, and all human rights, justly and equally. We will be an Actual Democracy. Only then will we get what we seek: justice from the Courts; equal opportunity in the workplace, in schooling, in everything; fair taxes with fair return on our taxes from the Legislature; and the laws fairly and equally applied to all of us by the Executive. We will get it because we will vote for it, not beg for it.


                     We the people are seeking Actual Democracy.

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