The Association for the

                         Advancement of Actual Democracy

                                                 Each person votes for Each Law, for Executives, for Judges


                      ACTUAL DEMOCRACY is necessary, it's right, it's time has come.

        It is clear, clean, and incontestable as a philosophy: we should live in an ACTUAL DEMOCRACY and vote directly on the laws under which we live. Nothing else is political equality and nothing else is freedom. Those who disagree are advocating that we should live under laws made by others, made for us, for our good. Under any definition, that is tyranny. Rousseau was right: Representative Government is elected Aristocracy.

                            Our Representatives are Aristocrats with term limits.

        But physical conditions made Representative Government necessary. It was the least flawed of all the other forms of government. Once the population became larger than a small New England town's population the citizens could no longer meet and discuss, argue, openly debate, lobby each other, do politics among themselves. So they sent representatives to a central location and the representatives did the politics, wrote and debated the laws, then voted on the laws. They still do.  And they still believe, or at least say, that they work and vote 'for the good of the people'.

        Today we all stand under the umbrella of a technology that lets us openly debate, meet, discuss, argue, and conclude to agree or disagree. There are websites after websites, blogs after blogs. All the opinions of mankind are flying through the web, seen on hundreds of TV stations, heard on radio stations, read in newspapers and magazines. And if we can vote for the best entertainers on TV shows it seems more than possible that we can vote for the laws we live under. And we will.

         So we should vote for the laws directly. We should be an ACTUAL DEMOCRACY. That means changing the Constitution. That means changing the Political, Economic, and Social structures currently dependent on the legislature and currently influencing the legislature. Those political, economic, and social structures are the most solid, powerful, self-conserving, self-serving, self-interested, forces in the nation. Wall Street, K Street, the Military-Industrial complex, major and even minor corporations, and the millionaires and billionaires we see in Forbes Magazine. And they are going to spend all the time, money, and energy at their disposal to maintain the status quo, to keep their successful influence and power in tact.


is armed only with the truth, the truth that the next reasonable and desirable step in the
evolution of democracy is to replace the existing Representative Democracy with an ACTUAL DEMOCRACY. The only way to succeed is to get help and funding from you, the People, the first generation of American Citizens to live in an ACTUAL DEMOCRACY.

 The price of freedom has always been time, money, hard work, and the determination to be free. We admit vigilance is needed but money and action are also needed to gain freedom and to remain free. So please,  Contribute!

                      Contribute  $2, $10, $20, $100, $1000, anything you can.  




Contributions and donations can be mailed to:

Association for the Advancement of Actual Democracy

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