The Association for the

                         Advancement of Actual Democracy

                                                 Each person votes for Each Law, for Executives, for Judges

 What if the People's March for Climate Change FAils?


The People's March for Climate control, a march to keep the average temperature of the planet from going 2 degrees Celsius above the 1960 temperature will be a successful march, in the sense of many people taking to the streets to influence their  political representatives to pass laws that will limit the amount of energy in the atmosphere. But, the real question is, "Will the representatives pass the laws?" In other words, will the will of the people become the will of our representatives? 


This is a hypothetical question. I believe the threat to the planet and all of life on the planet is real, immediate, and perhaps, already inevitable. But I think that representatives of law making bodies are influenced by immediate, what you can see for yourself, problems. Climate change now has consequences that are easily easily seen. The representatives, after our communal request, will probably pass the laws to lower the energy content of the atmosphere, by reducing the amount of greenhouse gasses pumped into the atmosphere or physically or chemically removing them from the atmosphere. Probably....


But there is no certainty that the representatives, from all the nations, will try to get such laws passed, let alone succeed in getting them passed.  The U.N. is a debate society. Its resolutions are not binding on anyone. Our Congress is a 1% bought and paid for group of $200,000 employees of the people who make ten times that when they leave office as payment from the 1%. See ex-Representative Cantor's current salary. Will the representatives save the world and not take advantage of getting tens times their salary? I think it's doubtful. But a majority of informed and insightful representatives can prevail.


The Association for the Advancement of Actual Democracy is adamant in trying to remove the "CAN" from that statement. Our wishes, plainly expressed to the Representatives, can be made into law. But instead of that uncertainty, that 'CAN BE', we hold that the wishes of the people should be expressed by the people voting directly on the laws. The will of the people must not only be expressed by the people but it must be VOTED ON BY THE PEOPLE.


We should no longer be begging our representatives to set their personal self-interest aside in favor of the 'greater good', the will of the people. Today that will, when frustrated, leads to us taking to the streets to show our common desire for the 538 law-makers of our nation to decide in our favor, as we see it, after long and considered debate, which has been ignored or frustrated by 'Political' means. Our wishes, our conclusions, our needs and hopes, must be expressed, not in just words, but in VOTES THAT COUNT. We the People are responsible for the laws and should make them ourselves. Not being able to do that today has led us to the point of having to beg our representatives to save our civilization from a real problem that can, and if ignored will, destroy all life on this planet. We should never again permit such a scenario to transpire. We must Amend the Constitution so the people vote directly for their laws, for their Chief Executives who execute and administer the laws, and for their Judges who interpret the laws. Nothing else is freedom. Nothing else is political equality. Nothing else is DEMOCRACY.


After the march the politically active members of the march, the organizers of the march, all who supported the march, financially, philosophically, and with their presence in the street, have one more cause to work for, the cause of removing the need to ever go to the streets again to express their common will, but instead, go directly to debating, analyzing, and then voting on the laws that they believe are required. See,, .


Join up. Support the Association. Set up offices today. Conventions annually. Victory in 5 to seven years. It's only the Nation's future, a "MORE PERFECT" Nation's.

We must quit delegating our responsibility and our power. It's being used against us and against our best interest. Have fun. Fight the good fight. Change the world.